What is Kismet?

Kismet is an innovative approach to connecting with people online and having better dates. Kismet simplifies dating by blending Eastern Philosophy with Western technology through a unique algorithm based on eight key dimensions of compatibility.


What is the meaning of the score?

The score you see next to profile is a comparability score and not your score as a user. Based on your cosmic profile you will have different scores with different users. This score is a guide to help you make better decisions when picking a date and a potential partner. The score is further broken down into eight dimensions of compatibility and you can see how you and your partner will get along on these eight different dimensions of compatibility.

Why has my photo been removed from Kismet?  

We remove photos that are offensive or contain excessive nudity. If you think your photo has been wrongly removed, please contact us  at

How can I report someone?
You can report someone by sending us an email at


How do I block a user? 
You can block a user by simply deleting the current chat window with them.